“Learn to cook healthy without sacrificing taste”

Prepare yummy and healthy meals daily while spending less time in the kitchen and be a cooking star within your family and friend circle.

The Real Challenge

You know you want to adopt a healthy lifestyle but a busy schedule with full-time jobs, children, aging parents, and responsibilities makes it difficult to accomplish.

There are very common challenges we face while adopting healthy cooking

  • We don’t want to give up our favorite foods and foods we grew up with.
  • Healthy meals take a longer time to prepare.
  • Many of our healthy meals taste bland.
  • Healthy food costs more.
  • Changing our eating habits could take the pleasure out of eating.
  • We had a bad experience last time I tried dieting.

Believe me! switching to a healthier diet is neither tough nor time-consuming and also pocket-friendly. All we have to adjust how much and when we eat our favorite foods. There are multiple ways to turn our favorite treats into healthier options. There are ways to prepare and enjoy our favorite foods in less time than we are thinking.

Why I choose Healthy Cooking

I am a mother and always desired to serve the tastiest food possible to my family. But as a mother, it is also my duty to provide the healthiest food. With that thought, I have started to explore the concept to serve healthy yet tasty food to my family without compromising with my responsibility.
Now I want to spread the knowledge and joy of cooking and let you learn a new skill where you can make or bake anything you desire.
I have experience in culinary cooking for the last 11 years and have experience conducting cookery classes for 7 years in Dubai.
In this cooking class you will learn:

  • Cook healthy food without sacrificing taste
  • Tips and hacks of cooking.
  • Customize your dish according to your taste buds.
  • Essentials of spices and herbs in daily cooking.

Want To Be a cooking star?

Our Cooking School offers a variety of classes for students of all levels.


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